Arguably the most popular cut, the round cut diamonds are frequently used in earrings, pendants and solitaire engagement rings. Almost all round diamonds are brilliant-cut as the angles help greatly enhance its fire and brilliance.

This cut has evolved greatly over the last century as diamond cutters have extensively researched and applied precise mathematical calculations to greatly enhance its fire and brilliance. As the most researched shape, it is possible to get the fire and brilliance you desire whilst balancing the cut, clarity and colour to suit your needs.

The origins of this cut can be traced all the way back to the mid 16th century when diamond cutters began to refine their methods by introducing more complex means of cutting diamonds. The early brilliants were known as Mazarins, which through gradual transformation and development led to the birth of the Portuguese Peruzzi or “old European cut” in the 17th century. The modern round brilliant was only created in 1919 and at the time was known as the Tolkowsky named after its creator, Russian mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky.