Emerald Cut:

The understated elegance of an emerald cut diamond is admired by many. Although not a traditional engagement ring, non-traditional engagement rings seem to be very popular these days. The emerald cut is essentially a step-cut diamond and the most popular in this category. The cut has four longer sides are made up of bevelled corners with two, three or four concentric rows of facets, parallel to the girdle on the crown and pavilion.

Due to the long step cuts, emerald cut diamonds do not hide imperfections well. In lower clarity emerald cuts, inclusions become very obvious. This cut may have 49 facets or more, and yet, are less scintillating due to the step cut style of faceting. Since lots of scintillation masks inferior colour, this type of facet pattern may emphasize inferior colour.

 When shopping for an emerald cut, be sure to choose the highest quality stone within your budget.