Asscher Cut:

Also known as the Square Emerald Cut, the Asscher Cut was initially developed by Joseph Asscher in 1902 and gained popularity in the Art-Deco movement following World War I

Asscher stones maintain a classic appearance with a better balance of scintillation than the emerald cut which they resemble. Over the last decade, the Asscher cut diamonds have gained popularity in bridal media, which could be attributed to a redesign of the diamond.

After realising that the Asscher cut was still popular, Edward Asscher (grandson of Joseph Asscher) returned to the Netherlands with the idea to craft a new, more dynamic species of Asscher cut diamonds with more brilliance and shine than before. The Royal Asscher cut diamond boasts 16 more facets than the original Asscher cut’s 58 allowing the diamond to catch light much better.

 Asscher cuts can vary slightly in cut, proportions and angles as the cutter of the diamond decides the ultimate details of their rendition of the cut. However, the Royal Asscher boasts an international patent, which means that not only does the Royal Asscher Company have exclusive rights to cut a Royal Asscher stone, but may also limit the range of angles that can be used to shape the diamond.